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About our Parishes

The Parishes of Madeley, Sutton Hill and Woodside are in the Deanery of Telford Severn Gorge, and part of the Severn Link Group in the Diocese of Hereford. Just north of Ironbridge, part of Madeley parish is in the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site. As the Anglican Churches in this area have good working relations with all the neighbouring churches, and we seek to encourage each other to bring the light of Jesus Christ to this fine part of Shropshire.

Madeley is situated in the south of the East Shropshire new town of Telford, approximately forty miles west of Birmingham. Map of Madeley


Church Family

Members of our congregations come from a wide spread of churchmanship and traditions. The average age of the the population of Telford is lower than in other parts of the United Kingdom and this is reflected in our church membership. We are fortunate to have a good mix of people of all ages.


The worship has its own distinctive style in each of the three churches and is predominantly low church in style with Bible based preaching as the foundation. Although our worship is not openly charismatic we acknowledge the benefits that have come from the renewal movement.


  • The thrust of our work in the three churches is to bring the light of Jesus to the communities that we serve. Collaboration between the three churches is pivotal in this process, and the clergy team members and wider staff team all work equally across all three churches in the parish.
  • A significant part of our work is with the younger aged group of families and children. We are developing links and contacts with the two secondary academies and eight primary schools in the parish. Team members take collective worship, some lessons, and serve as governors. We are developing an after-school club team to work in the primary schools.
  • Parents wishing to have their child baptised in any of the three churches are encouraged to come to church on a Sunday morning to join in the worship. They are invited to a regular monthly evening of Baptism Preparation which enables parents to understand the meaning of the step they are taking, and can then receive an application form. A Service of Thanksgiving is also offered to the family if that is considered preferable. A date is then set for the service, usually on the first Sunday of the month.
  • Work among the older members of the community and in residential care homes is developing. Regular services are arranged in these places for the residents. This is complemented by the regular meeting of 'Fellowship' for the more senior members of the community, with an interesting and varied programme of speakers and events.
  • Outreach to the wider community takes place in a number of ways. ZAKS is a church based group who perform a music and visual presentation in Telford Town Centre and elsewhere at various times during the year - focusing on an issue of interest and relevance and presenting a Christian perspective in a sensitive, appropriate and professional way.
  • A popular Men's Breakfast Club is held on the first Saturday of every month at 9.30am at the Brewery Inn, Coalport. This is an opportunity to share fellowship, to hear something about the lives of those who come, and to extend the waistline!