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Autumn 2011

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Prayer requests and update from Abu Dhabi

To the Saints of St Michael's Church, Madeley.

Firstly - many thanks for praying for Rianne. Her leg has recovered and after a year of wearing braces and going through intensive surgery is finding walking without crutches and braces a real novelty. The children are now back at school and getting back into a daily routine. Navina is buckling down to her penultimate year of Open University studies and looking forward to edging closer to that ever so elusive degree.

September sees the return of expatriates from long summer holidays and the arrival of new expats. The Church is filling up and we are growing as a team. I thank God for the people who are joining our ministry team and they range from an Irish retired vicar, through to an American Project Manager who is overseeing the physical development of our compound.

There has been a good start to  encountering Muslims in various interfaith encounters and I am encouraged by the progress of my book which will be potentially a great platform to develop ministry. The publishers have agreed to do the book launch for end of November so a lot of planning is coming up for that.  In October I fly to Doha as the guest of the Qatari government where I am presenting a paper on social media and interfaith in the presence of Muslim and Christian religious leaders and academics. This I hope will lead more doors to open where the Christian faith can be shared in an open and receptive environment. One of the most incredible experiences over the last month was the opportunity to preach in front of a crowd of  hundreds of Muslims at a wedding in Mombasa in Kenya. Also recently on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 we had the senior Islamic cleric in the UAE attend the church in solidarity and he had my preaching translated for him into Arabic - he told me afterwards (via translation) that he rarely heard Christian preaching and invited me to attend his majlis.

In the meantime we are launching a Love Abu Dhabi Project which is a human rights focused network. This is a  potential minefield for us to walk as the whole issue of Migrant Labour abuses is a political hot potato - so please pray for great wisdom.

So the coming months are full and exciting and this means . . . that we are in great need of your prayers. The Gulf is such an unpredictable place and we need prayer protection.

In His Service. 


Rev Andy Thompson


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