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Christmas 2010

In this edition of Triangle

Come let us adore Him

 One of the highlights of the year is the Parish Carol Service at St. Michael’s Church on the evening of the Sunday before Christmas – this year Sunday 19th December at 6.30pm.

With carols, music, drama and a great atmosphere it is always moving and most enjoyable. We hear about God’s great gift of himself as he comes in the person of Jesus.

It is also an occasion when those who are not quite so familiar with coming to a church on a regular basis can do so without any awkwardness. The Carol Service is part of our culture.

I have contact with a number of people – both in Madeley and wider afield through my various interests. Many of them are not regular at church, but I get on really well with them. I am planning to invite them to the parish Carol Service this year.

Of course these people know that I am the vicar – but I reckon that on this occasion I can get away with inviting them    without their feeling trapped or intimidated – and I know that I will be inviting them to a Christian event that is going to be top quality in every way.

I wonder if there are people you know who fall into the same bracket – and who might really appreciate an invitation to a Christmas event at one of our churches. Even if they are unable to come to a Christmas event here in Madeley, perhaps the invitation will be a trigger for another Christmas event more local to them.

I heard someone say recently that it would be a strange thing if you went to the butcher and found that the staff behind the    counter talked about everything except meat. So with ourselves – it would be odd if we didn’t say something about God at some point to our friends. Christmas is just the time when we can do so without the risk of causing offence. Who knows what may be the outcome?

I have ordered some personal invitation publicity for the  Carol Service – keep a look out for them – and do please make use of them too.

Every good wish for a Happy Christmas.

Rev.Henry Morris

Vicar of Madeley


Operation Christmas Child

 NEWSFLASH...We have just got back from the warehouse and are now able to tell you that a fantastic 7940 shoeboxes, bursting with lovely gifts, are ready for off, to Kyrgystan and will begin their journey on December 3rd.

A huge thank you to all for helping in so many ways. Early next year, 7940 children will be happily receiving their love-filled gifts from our region.

Well done to you all.

PS Please keep knitting, we ran out of scarves and gloves this year.

Best wishes,                                                               Carol and Rita


Pause for thought

Have you heard of Manuel Gonzales? He should be ranked amongst the bravest men in the world today. He was the rescuer who first went down that fearful shaft into the darkness of the San Jose mine where the 33 Chilean miners were trapped. He left the sunlight above, for the darkness and dirt of the mine below. Then, along with other rescuers who followed him, he remained in the darkness until all 33 had safely reached the surface. His colleagues then followed and he was alone in the depths. Finally he too returned to the light. What courage he displayed!

An event which reflects the story of Christmas in a very special way, for our Lord Jesus, at the Incarnation, chose to leave the glory and light of heaven to come down to the darkness of this sinful world. As Philippians says (2v8) “He became obedient to death – even death on the cross!” You cannot get darker than that!

Zechariah spoke of Jesus thus -   “the rising sun will come to us from heaven, to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death” (Luke 1:79) In the Servant Song in Isaiah 42 even more graphically it says, of the coming Messiah, that he will be “a light to the gentiles ….to release from the dungeon those who sit in  darkness”.  The pilot shaft that broke through to those miners after 17 days cut off from the outside world was perhaps like the prophesies of old, it gave hope for a light to come. Food and water and communication with the rescue teams all pointed to something beyond.

Christmas is the time when we remember that Christ came down into the darkness, “so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness” (John 12:46) Thus we have a wonderful message to share.  Imagine how those miners felt when they finally returned to the light. So in Christ we have a message of light for everyone. Receive Him, the light of the world, as your Saviour and be forever delivered from the darkness.

Have a wonderful light filled Christmas!!!

                                                                           Malcolm Thompson


Coming home for Christmas

 When I first arrived at university, I had almost no idea of what it would be like. My main concern was if I’d be able to remember how to study after a year of working! As Mum and Dad drove me to Bristol in September, I remember feeling very nervous and extremely worried that I might have made the wrong decision to come to university at all. But my fears all seemed to slip away as soon as we arrived and I began to turn my attention to unpacking and talking to my new flatmates! As soon as I started my course, I had a similar feeling of ease as I realised that what we were studying was exactly what I wanted to do. Over the past couple of months, I’ve become actively involved with the University’s Christian Union and also joined a local church. Going to services and meetings each week has helped me to focus my time here and I have been so grateful to God for the fact that he prepared the way for me before I even came to university. I’ve had a few incidents so far, such as almost setting fire to my kitchen (I haven’t told Mum and Dad about that one!), but I’m thoroughly enjoying life here and very much looking forward to a roast dinner when I come home for Christmas!

Rachel Lefroy


Christmas quiz

The Christmas edition of Triangle wouldn’t be the same without a quiz so here goes. No prizes for the correct answers but if you get more than half right, you’ll be doing ok. 

(Even better if you do it without ‘googling’ the answers!)

If you want to check that you’ve got them all correct look at the bottom of the Christmas dates page.

1. On what date was William the Conqueror crowned King of England?

2. In which film did the song White Christmas first    feature?

3. To which country does the territory of Christmas Island belong?

4. In what year was the first Christmas card produced?

5. What type of bird features on the seventh day of Christmas in the song `The Twelve Days Of  Christmas`?

6. In which James Bond film does the character Dr Christmas Jones feature?

7. Who had a Christmas number one in 1974 with `Lonely This Christmas`?

8. Which Eastenders character married Kat Slater on Christmas day 2003?

9. Which Michael Jackson song was a UK Christmas number one in 1995?

10. In 1990, which pop artist turned on the Christmas lights in Oxford Street in London?


Christmas greetings from Abu Dhabi


Greetings to friends in Madeley.                                                                          
I have to say that since we have arrived in the UAE there has not been a dull moment.  Over the summer I preached on the concept of being ambassadors for Christ and suggested that a key role for me in the UAE would be just that. This has proved to come true in all sorts of ways.                                                 
Our Remembrance Sunday Service saw a packed Church with many dignitaries from over 20 nations present. In the front row sat members of the UAE royal family. A theme of the service was thanking God for the sacrifice that men and   women in the armed services have made in order to win peace for their nations. It was a privilege to remind the gathered people of the sacrifice Christ also made for us in order to  secure peace and liberty. Apparently it was unusual for the Gospel to be presented so simply at such an event and I had several comments - not least from the Muslim leaders (all positive).                    
This was preceded by an invitation to an inaugural event held at the Grand Mosque which is a huge and magnificent building. So huge I was lost and was wandering around in my priest robes looking for the event - only to become aware of several tourists pointing their cameras at me. The spectacle of a fully robed priest wandering around the biggest mosque in town proved too irresistible not to photograph!                                                                                    
This weekend I have been in Bahrain, preaching at the Cathedral and interviewing people who are exploring their vocation to ministry. It was a fascinating time to visit each of the 4 congregations there and get to see close hand more of the ministry on this small island Kingdom. Today, (I am back in Abu Dhabi) I have been invited to an event by the Indian  ambassador to meet the President of India who is here on a State visit. Then on  Thursday I will attend an event at which her majesty Queen   Elizabeth II will be presiding. In the midst of all this wedding ministry continues to flourish and this  Friday I get the great joy of baptising two adults. One Chinese academic and a British teacher who have both professed faith in Jesus just a month ago. They are full of joy and enthusiasm for their new faith and it reminds me of why I am here. Please continue praying for the family as we continue to settle into the UAE.                                                                         .                                            
We send you our love and pray that your Christmas will be joyful and peaceful.  

       Andy, Navina, Rianne, Benjamin and Kathryn Thompson

St Michael's Fellowship - Programme of Events

4th October

Harvest Lunch


18th October

Burford House Trip

(leave 10am and  return 3.30pm)

1st November



15th November

Born and Bred in the Workhouse

Mary Linder

29th November

Shropshire Heritage

Richard Bifield

13th December

Christmas Lunch


14th Feb

Valentine's Day

 Carol Greenwell

28th Feb


Rosemary Freeman

14th Mar

Singing for fun

Hannah Lawrence

28th Mar

A gentle job for a mature lady

Jean Barratt

11th April

Easter meeting

Fellowship meetings are held in St Michael’s Church unless otherwise stated and commence at 2.30 pm.

All are welcome

Tea, coffee and biscuits are available afterwards.


Dates for the Diary

Sat 2nd Oct


Men’s breakfast at

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Sat 2nd Oct


Memorial concert for Les Beresford

Sat 9th Oct


In house Cabaret

Thu 14th Oct


Tea Dance

Sat 16th Oct


Ladies Breakfast

Sun 31st Oct


All souls service

Sat 6th Nov


Men’s breakfast at

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Concert by Telford Orchestra

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Temponilla Christmas Music

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Quiz evening

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Ladies Prayer Breakfast

Sat 5th Mar


Men's breakfast at The Brewery, Coalport

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Attic Sale


All the above are at St Michael’s church unless otherwise stated.

Christmas Services 2010

Wednesday Dec 22nd 2.30pm  Christmas Crib service at the Park Lane centre, Woodside

Christmas Eve  11.30pm  Midnight communion at St Michael's Church.


Christmas Day  10am (please note time) Christmas Family Communion at St Michael's

Sunday 26th Dec 10.30am St Michael's church open for prayer.


Sutton Hill church

Christmas Day 10.30am Christmas Communion

Woodside church joining with St Michael's or Sutton Hill church.

Answers to Christmas Quiz

1. 25th December 1066 (although some sources say January 1067)

2. Holiday inn

3. Australia

4. 1843

5. Swan

6. The world is not enough

7. Mud

8. Alfie Moon

9. Earth song

10. Cliff Richard