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Greetings from Kuwait

 It is now countdown for leaving Kuwait and it's getting hot in every way. You turn on the cold water tap and you have your shower with scalding hot water which has been heated in the pipes by the sunshine. The water is so hot, the best time to have a shower is either last thing in the day or first in morning when the water has cooled slightly. Since we last wrote much has happened. The book launch at the Embassy went really well and saw an equal mix of Muslim and Christian leaders from various embassies, churches, government ministries attend. The book is selling well and is providing funds for the ministry of the church here. (see for pictures).

This last month has thrown up some real challenges and problems. These include theft of church funds, a revelation of a bigamous relationship in the congregation, a drugs scandal potentially implicating significant companies, constant visits to a jail to help send a pastor's wife home, and a race to set up a new ecumenical mechanism for paying salaries to pastors in line with Kuwait's new employment laws. It has been pretty intense.

Navina has now finished another year of Open University studies and is preparing for her exam. She has been busy with hospitality, recently hosting a Human Rights director from Middle East Concern which resulted in a series of fascinating meetings with diplomats and church leaders, and at present we have the director of a large Indian Orphanage and schools group, whom Navina met last year on her visit to North India. We are currently exploring a partnership with this work in Northern India as we are deeply impressed with the way they provide care, shelter and education to 2,000 children every week.

In the meantime the children are looking forward to starting at their new school in Abu Dhabi. Their new school will be right next door to our house which means no stressful school runs in the morning in hostile traffic. Hurray! Kathryn has just celebrated her eighth birthday - the baby of our family is growing up fast! We are coming to the UK on June 28th and have a busy schedule visiting Telford, London, North Wales, Matlock, Derby,Leicester, Essex with a week's trip to Hungary in the middle! We are looking forward to seeing family and friends and having a chance to recharge our batteries before returning to the Gulf.

The future is Abu Dhabi! One of the fastest growing cities on the Arabian Peninsula. I will be chaplain of St Andrew's and will be living on a busy compound which is home to 80 congregations. Several thousand worshippers pass through the compound every week. One of my roles is to facilitate and manage the space in the compound to enable Christian worship. Some exciting opportunities lie ahead with the Abu Dhabi government offering land to develop up to three compounds in other parts of the   Emirate. Please pray for wisdom and stamina as we take on the most demanding post yet in our ministry. We do hope to see many of you over the summer. We return to the Gulf on August 16th.

With love and prayers Andy, Navina, Rianne, Benjamin and Kathryn Thompson


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