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Summer 2011

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From Darkness to Light

Historical Research Item 3

Middle England Mirror


The shire∫ are agog at the revelation∫ that one ofit∫ most notable gentlemen - namely Squire Dick Whittington - seem∫ to have vanished from the sight of those person∫ who hold him most dear in their heart∫.

Renowned for his fondness of long walk∫, it is understood he intended to reach the city of  London, whereupon he would proffer hi∫ service∫ as the next Lord Mayor. In this ambition he hath once before been thwarted, by the interference - it is believed - of an unnamed member of the  royal household.

Information regarding any sighting of the Squire should be directed to Whittington Hall in Staffordshire. To ease identification he is alway∫ accompanied by hi∫ cat.

Mmmm - these stories are becoming very familiar.


More to follow                                                           DAB


Pause for Thought

A Summer Quiz

News from Abu Dhabi

Dates for the Diary

Sat 16th July


Ladies Prayer Breakfast

Sun 17th July


Strawberry Cream Tea

Sat 6th Aug


Men's Breakfast at The Brewery, Coalport

Sat 20th Aug


Ladies Prayer Breakfast

Sun 21st Aug


Strawberry Cream Tea

Sat 3rd Sept


Men's Breakfast at The Brewery, Coalport

Sat 10th Sept


Eroica Camerata Orchestra

Fri 16th Sept


Quiz night with Fish & Chip Supper at Sutton Hill church

Sat 17th Sept


Ladies Prayer Breakfast

Sat 1st Oct


 Men's Breakfast at The Brewery, Coalport

All the above are at St Michael's Church unless otherwise stated

St Michael's Fellowship Programme of Events

 Sept-Dec 2011


5th Sept

Mystery Objects

John Challon & Ian Pritchard

19th Sept

Shropshire Cakes and Ale Trail

Dr Bob Bibby

3rd Oct

Harvest Lunch

17th Oct

Villages of South Shropshire

David Trumper

31st Oct

Members Afternoon

14th Nov

All about Christmas

Dorothy Nicholls

Answers to Summer Quiz

Answers to Summer Quiz

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