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Privacy Policy

The following policy explains what information is collected through this website, and how it is used.

Information collected automatically

As with most websites, the website automatically collects information about every access to pages and resources on the site. This information may be retained indefinitely, and may be used for the following purposes:

  • Anonymous usage statistics, which may be made publicly available
  • Investigation of possible faults or of suspicious activity
  • System administration
  • As may be required by law

The information automatically stored consists of web server logs, which include details of:

  • The date and time of access
  • Your computer's IP address (in some cases this could be sufficient to identify you)
  • Details of the page or resource requested, and of the web server's response
  • Information that may be provided automatically by your browser software, in particular the User-Agent and Referrer header.

This information in its raw form is available only to the administrator(s) of the website and of the computer systems on which it runs. In particular it is not made available to most of the people who have access to create and edit the pages of the website.

Information provided voluntarily

Some features of this website may require you to provide additional personal information about yourself. Depending on the specific features, you may cause some of this information to be displayed publicly (e.g. your name and a link to any information you have voluntarily provided for the purpose of appearing on a public profile may be shown if you post to a discussion forum).

In each case, the form through which this is collected which will clearly distinguish between information required for the operation of the feature and information that you may also provide as a convenience, and should state how this information will be used, and if any of it is to be displayed publicly.

You should be able to edit or remove information you have provided voluntarily through the website in many cases.

If you are unsure of how to do this, or find you are unable to access something that you believe you should, please contact the site administrator(s).

Information stored on your computer

Cookies (small files stored on your computer's hard drive) are used to manage authenticated access by authorised users of restricted areas of the website. Your computer or browser software may also store further information about websites you have visited, about files you have accessed on these websites and cached copies of some of these files.

Please refer to your web browser and/or computer's documentation for information about how to manage this stored information.

Further questions

Please contact the site administrator(s) if you need more information about how data is handled by this website, if you believe something is incorrect or should not be shown, or for subject access requests (UK Data Protection Act 1998) relating to data collected by or displayed by this website.